Medtrade – AIRS Founder Tackles Oxygen Humidification

NEWAYGO, MI – During last month’s Medtrade, Valerie Obenchain, founder and CEO, Advanced Interactive Response Systems (AIRS), Newaygo, Mich, debuted The Breathe Easy Moisture Exchange Cannula. The new moisture exchange tubing automatically humidifies oxygen to mimic the environment, and can replace the need for a humidifier.

As a registered respiratory therapist for the past two decades, Obenchain has seen a lot of needs go unmet, and it was her desire to do something about it that sparked the creation of AIRS. “Our first product takes the water out of the air and instantly humidifies that oxygen going to the patient,” says Obenchain. “It’s a clean and portable way to humidify. Currently there is not a good portable way to humidify oxygen. And when you breathe in that really dry air, it’s not pleasant. Now there is a solution.”  read more